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How to apply

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How to apply

Post by Darius on Tue Jun 16, 2015 8:11 pm

Hello there,

I decide to make a topic for members who want to be administrators but they must apply first.The rules of this you need to have a good attitude with other members and your not to apply if you was warn by an administrator already.You can easy follow the Template below all you got to do is copy it and paste it in your new topic in applications section and full out the information.

Thank you.


Member name:
Country Your From:
Time Zone:
Active: /7  days a week
Reason: (It must be at less 3-4 Lines)


1)Don't post in anyone's application leave that to admins.
2)Don't Spam your application.
3)No matter what always wait for a reply if you application is pending for more than 2 weeks.
4)Don't massage any administrator to watch your application.
5)You may ask to close topic if you want to.
6)When making application use this for tittle :Administrator Application (User name here)

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